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Touchless Door Opener Keychain tool & Ring

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Take this portable No Touch Keychain Germ Free USA with you everywhere! Avoid direct contact with shared surfaces by using this convenient tool to open doors, press buttons, move a chair, carry grocery bags, and much more! As an added bonus, the stylus tip is great for use on pin pads and screens.

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Hands-Free Contactless Door Opener

"My mom love it and with the covid19 I don't want her Touching anything "


"I use it more than I thought I would! Great for retail touch screens, ATM’s, and the buttons that go with them. Lightweight and sturdy, and easy to carry around."


"You must be very careful now, especially in my area, few people follow or even recommend safety regulations. These "buttons" that do not need to be touched are of great help to objects that do not need to be touched. I have used them in ATMs, car washes, grocery store parking lots, etc. I never realized how many things a person must touch the day before today. 


This is a great addition to wearing masks in public. I can open doors & punch in my pin number without worrying about touching too many germs !!! I only wish that I had gotten these sooner !!!!!

Paul. O